Unheard music--or half-heard music--being sweeter

Rapid Growth

Too much too soon

A Cloud

I found this drawing today. It's from 1998. A cloud with too much vivacity--Mayakovsky's A Cloud in Trousers.

Crystal Ball

Everything's in there.

Part of a Recent Painting

A detail of a still life, with vesel and monumental plant stem

Red Still Life

Red Still Life (flowers in a vase, fruit)


It keeps everything moving

Feline Vortex

Left-hand cat and right-hand cat.

Two Cats

Pinot and his brother Grigio


This is our cat, Pinot (he has an almost twin brother named Grigio).
He likes to hang over the edges of thihgs--or to dangle down into the gaping space of the stairwell from the second floor of our house.

Overcast Still Life

The old Pathetic Fallacy in India ink

Hasty Plant Study

Time Presses

Runic Object


Airborne Still Life

Nocturnal, and hovering above a fictive sea


Reminds me that I want to watch Les Enfants du Paradis again tonight

Aqueous Figure

Made of pigment and ennui

Stereo Chair

Gran Confort with spherical speakers to port and starboard (homage to Clairtone)

A Museum

....in Venice. With water lapping at its treasures. Thinking about the museum design work of architects Carlo Scarpa and Sverre Fehn.

Floating Figure

Very rough and hurried. Mermaid-esque.


Time isn't money in this studio--it's just time

Big Blue Urn

Shiny, glossy

A Bottle of India Ink

Yesterday's notebook page


Big as an apartment building

The Last Laugh

Nice and hysterical

Hearth or Far Shore

An early notenook page


Vase With Parked Automobile

A shard of notebook automatism


Almost a teacup


Coming to his writing late, but with compensatory excitement.

An Idea

Just in time too.

Dame Edith


Everyone ought to have a cache of guilty pleasures and I have a large, well-stocked one, chief among them being my collecting and avid reading of books by the Sitwells, Edith and her brothers, Osbert and Sacheverell. The little inept drawing of Edith was made while I was reading Victoria Glendinning's biography of her. I see I was also reading Bruce Chatwin's novel, Utz, at more or less the same time.


No matter how rough I make this face, it always looks Roman--or at least classical. It's kind of pleasant, however, to think of one's drawing as a sort of weathering.

Haughty Bird

A scrap of creamy notebook paper, some wanton sweeps of blue paint. They seem to hsve made a bird.


Sometimes you just want to paint and paint and paint until there's nothing but paint everywhere and whatever image wishes to be born from the miasma can find its own way to the surface.

Woman With Drawers

Drawers as in pull-out drawers in furniture (not as in underwear pants). Probably thinking of Salvadore Dali's giraffes and elephants with drawers


It's probably the lastminute dots that make the drawing fungoid.

Man Releasing Bird

Releasing a bird is like getting (and keeping) an idea. It's like climbing a ladder.


Looking a bit perplexed, probably at the speed of its composition.

Scent Bottle

All blues seem mysterious to me

Asteroid Ascending

If I'm going to post pages from my daily notebook--and it appears that I am--then I thought it just as well to begin with an image of ascension: in this case, of a blob that seemed (when attached to a seeep of white pigmeht on my fingers) to be lifting off from somewhere else, rather than heading in to terrorize us.